Morton High School – Project Narrative

On June 23, 2010, torrential rainstorms hit the Chicago area, crippling many homes, businesses, and schools. Over 8” of rainfall in one hour was recorded in the towns of Berwyn and Cicero, causing short- term power outages that disabled pump stations at nearby schools and municipal buildings.

School District 201 was one of the hardest-hit entities, and both Morton High School East and Morton High School West suffered substantial Category 1 and 3 water intrusions from multiple entrances. Water poured into the buildings through doorways, roof leaks, and drains. Maintenance staff members were called in immediately to remove standing water and to begin the overwhelming task of restoring the field houses, stadium training areas, and over 275,000 SF of classrooms, hallways, gymnasiums, and locker rooms. Although the staff members did an excellent job of mitigating the damage, it became clear when mold appeared that professional restoration was incontrovertible.

A third-party administrator (TPA) called Platinum Restoration late in the afternoon of June 28, 2010, to inspect the damage and deliver a synopsis on the size of the loss. Our team analyzed the situation that evening and reported the loss as catastrophic. The TPA arranged a meeting with the school principals, director of school grounds, head janitors, and our large loss project management team the next morning. After a three-hour walk-through of both campuses, Platinum Restoration was contracted to perform the restoration. The district was covered by an all-risk policy, and it was our task to save whatever assets possible and make expert decisions on what could not be restored. The areas that were to be concentrated upon to restore were the Morton West girls’ gymnasium and the Morton East field house floor. Both had been impacted by water; however, they did not exhibit mold growth and could be saved with the right method of cleaning and drying. During this flooding, approximately 10% of the Morton East field house floor was only wetted and would be dried with ease.

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Client Portal – All New!

We are in the process of establishing our all new client portal, where we can communicate with our clients electronically.

Both large and small projects require coordination between the insured, the adjuster, and the restorer. Platinum Restoration created our Client Portal to facilitate this coordination.

We believe that communication is paramount, and the Client Portal is a centralized location to store job files, pictures, and keep notes on the project’s progression.

If you aren’t already a client of ours, please contact us for more information on how our Client Portal can be of help to you.

Do You Know ALL That We Do?

Do you know ALL that we do?

Perhaps one of the worst things one can hear from a customer or client is “Oh, you do that too?”, but after they have called another contractor. So we’re determined to make sure you know exactly what we are capable of and we can’t think of anything being too obvious.

RIA Announces Certified Restorer Redevelopment Committee

There are very few Certified Restorers in our industry. Platinum Restoration is proud to call one of them ours. Click here to download the PDF all about how Platinum is working to redefine what it means to be a Certified Restorer

Water Damage

Starting from the top down, every technician in the company holds the IICRC Water Restoration Technician certification and our company policy is to be onsite to any assigned loss in Chicagoland within two hours or less. No assignment is too small OR too large and we are capable of resourcing hundreds of air movers, low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers, large capacity desiccants and full power distribution. Whether salvageable carpet is flood or fire damaged, we also perform all carpet cleaning “in-house” with IICRC certified technicians.

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Archive: Platinum Restoration News – February

As most of you know, over the last four months, Tom has been preparing for and fulfilling all of the requirements to become a Certified Restorer. On January 21st, the Restoration Industry Association approved his formal report, which was the last step in the program, and awarded Tom the highly coveted Certified Restorer designation! He will gladly attend the award ceremony at the RIA’s Annual Convention this coming March in Atlanta. Leading from the front is contagious and we know Tom will be passing on what he has learned to our technicians. Becoming a credentialed expert adds value to our company and is another way to let you know that we take our proficiency VERY seriously.

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Archive: Platinum Restoration News – December

A Year to Come…
As 2009 wraps up, we are bearing down for a cold winter. And a slower than average storm season has given us the chance to take advantage of some continuing education and advanced certifications. We have purchased more brand new equipment, including a thermal camera that we can’t wait to use! We have been enlightened to new uses of the camera and can serve to be very useful to plumbers who are chasing a pipe break. Needless to say, we are putting the word out to the trades in addition to insurance professionals.

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Archive: Platinum Restoration News – October

One Solid Year
Platinum Restoration NewsIf you are receiving this newsletter, then you are part of the reason why we are creating it. About mid September last year, we decided that it was time to start a company that we believe has the best interest of our clients and customers in mind. We believed that through hard work, strong work ethics, and a lot of sweat, we could make it happen. You trusted us to handle the work load, not only in the midst of one of the worst storms that the Midwest has seen in years, but in the following year after. We are proud to have been able to take care of these claims without a hitch and sincerely thank each and every one of you that supported our endeavor.

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