Large Loss Property Restoration

Platinum restoration can provide the critical path management required to help your business recover rapidly. 

Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience working as both adjusters and restorers, so you can trust that we understand insurance policies and the claims process.

We will work with all insurance carriers, Independent Adjusters, or Third Party Administrators and use industry standard software for estimating property losses.  We understand the importance of meticulous documentation, communication, and putting efficient systems in place to deal with large losses. 

Large commercial losses not only result in lost inventory, but lost revenue due to downtime and turned away customers.  You need a company that can get you back on your feet quickly with minimal interruption to your business.

That company is Platinum Restoration.


A historic home was ravaged by a fire in November, and Platinum Restoration was contracted to bring the home back to its former glory. Given the home’s historic nature, we could not just remove the burnt and wet materials. Platinum had to painstakingly dry the wet plaster walls and original wood flooring.

Smoke damaged wood that was untouched by fire had to be hand sanded to remove soot. The attic was extensively burnt, and no longer structurally sound. Scaffolding had to be erected above the entire structure to protect it from the predicted heavy snowfall.

Check out our photos of this amazing, award winning, project.

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Morton High School

On June 23, 2010, torrential rainstorms hit the Chicago area, crippling many homes, businesses, and schools.  Over 8” of rainfall in one hour was recorded in the towns of Berwyn and Cicero, causing short-term power outages that disabled pump stations at nearby schools and municipal buildings. 

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Downers Grove Fire

Oily rags need to be disposed of properly. Improperly stored oil-soaked rags are common place and can lead to devastation.  This home in Downers Grove experienced it firsthand.  A simple oversight ended up destroying the garage and bedroom above. The rest of the home was affected by both soot and water from the firemen’s hoses.

Check out our before and after pictures to see why Platinum Restoration can take care of projects that the other guys can’t, or shouldn’t, touch.

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Bucktown (Chicago) Fire

Fire and smoke damage can devastate homes and families. Not only is there loss of property, but you can be without a home for months.

Check out our before and after pictures to see why experience makes all the difference in the world, especially when you want to get back to your home as quick as possible.. 

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Westmont Fire

Apartment fires not only damage the unit, but inconvenience the other tenants in the building. A quick, professional job by Platinum Restoration, makes the whole process easier for the building’s tenants and management. Tenants can get back to a normal life while the building’s management can mitigate their losses in rental income.

Check out our before and after pictures to see why experience makes all the difference in the world. 

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